Monday, November 3, 2008

Carving the Pumpkin

We decided this year that better late than never would have to do on the pumpkin carving front. This being said on Saturday the day after Halloween Bryan and Kevin carved the pumpkin and it looks great and we are the only people with a nice looking jack-o-lantern on Monday (3 days after Halloween) Well other people might have nice looking ones but I am a little biased.

Armed and Ready

doing the dirty work

Adam was not sure about this.

Kevin was very proud of the outcome!!


Barty Family said...

I love the picture of Adam looking at the pumpkin. It's so cute. We never got around to carving ours. I'll probably see if I can find any recipes that call for pumkin. Maybe it's too much trouble though.

Sarah said...

That's funny because we still haven't carved our pumpkins either. Dan thinks it's weird to do it now that Halloween is over, but I still think it works for the season of Thanksgiving. I'll keep trying to convince him we should still do it. This time I'll just say, "But the Low's did it!"

Hillary said...

Oh, I thought we were the only ones! We still have ours and haven't carved it yet! Maybe tomorrow :) Cute pictures!

Grammy said...

Hey, Tanya,
No punkins here,but then we are a little past carving them. REally cute pictures of the little ones. Love to see them always.
love you,
Aunt Grammy