Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Road Trip 2013 Part 2

 Day 6:  Founder's Grove and Exploring Humboldt


Founder's Grove was cool and the kids enjoyed finding the numbers to read all the things about what they were seeing.



Kevin was angry because the guy at the entrance wouldn't let him bring his hiking stick on the trail.

This is founder's tree.  The lowest branch WAY up there is 190 feet in the air, and above that is another 156 feet of tree!! Kind of crazy when you think about it!



Kevin, still mad! he he he



yup still mad......



Our Car had gotten pretty dirty!!


We stopped at the Women's League Grove which had an awesome swimming spot and spent the rest of the afternoon there and had lunch there.



 Boys building Dams!


 They built that hole strip and successfully slowed the flow of the river down quite a bit.


We, Bryan and I, told stories about our childhood to the boys around the campfire to try to get them to just sit around the fire for a while.

In the Tent at night it looked like this!



I tripped over a stump on the first day there and scraped myself up pretty good and had a few awesome bruises and a sore hip.

Day 7:  Heading South

Well we were sad to leave our perfect campsite with hot showers in Humboldt State Park, we could have stayed a week, easy.  But Bryan had to go back to work so we had to go home. 


We snapped a picture of this street sign because this was the exit we took to get to Mountain View Road we didn't want to accidentally go that way again.


We came south through Oakland and then wanted to go see Half Moon Bay so we hopped on the 92 unaware that it was a toll bridge.  They should mark those better.  We didn't have the $15 in cash they wanted (because we were towing) so it cost us $40 to cross that bridge ...$15 plus a $25 penalty...OUCH!  It was a big bridge and cut a lot of time off of our trip.


Half Moon Bay was Foggy and Gray...and cold...


We headed to our final campsite in Coastanoa just north of Santa Cruz.  Again I was thinking it was going to be like Manchester due to the extreme cloud cover...but the clouds opened up right over our campsite it was a Camping Miracle!


This KOA had very small sites but it was fine since we were only staying for the night.  We hiked over the beach which was CRAZY windy and cold and then came back for dinner after playing on the sand dunes for a while.


 Owen was very unhappy on this hike.  I assume he was not liking the freezing cold wind.


Then the boys rode their bikes until time for oreo cookies and hot chocolate since we were out of marshmallows.


Day 8:  Homeward Bound!


We must have worn them out Kevin and Isaac slept through us packing up everything in the tent except for them.  I didn't get pic sadly until after Kevin woke up but here is Isaac after we also cleaned out Kevin's stuff!


We cut over to the 5 to go home and well that pretty much left nothing to look at until we got home.

We stopped at a McDonald's in Castaic and had Ice Cream for Dinner...(they had carrots and granola bars in the car to supplement)


Then pulled into our garage around 6:30 p.m. and went to bed...

The boys called our trip the Adventure of a lifetime and Isaac has asked several times since we returned when we can go on more adventures!



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