Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Mommy Date with my Biggest Boy

 We take the boys on dates on their own so we get some one on one time with them.  Bryan has taken all of them out so now it is my turn and of course we are going oldest to youngest.  Kevin was first.  We planned on watching a movie but the line was too long and the movie was sold out so we did 3 things instead of 1!
We jumped on the giant bungee trampoline in the mall.

We got double chocolate chip Frappuccino's at Starbucks!

Then we headed over to the Discovery Science Center and did all the things Kevin wanted to do there.

We ended with some test tube candy!!  It was a good first date...He's a keeper.  He opened ALL the doors for me.  He even opened the car doors while he made me wait for him to get out first and get the door.  He was a perfect gentleman!

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