Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Vacation Marathon! Camping at Doheny!

Ok so it is true we pretty much just went on Vacation in September!  4 days after we got back from Indo we went beach camping in Doheny!  It was soooo much fun we want to make it an annual event!  The boys learned how to surf and we played in the sand and water everyday for 4 days!  We really did have a blast.  We were extra lucky to have some friends camping with us.  The Zapatas joined us.  They have 3 boys so it was a crazy boy fun week of boy play!

Here is Bryan taking Kevin out for his first surfing lesson!

and here is Kevin standing up!

cute boys!

re-enactment of a wedding photo, LOL!

Here is a little lesson about perspective! 

super cute family pic!

My love and I!

More water play!

 Here is Adam standing up on the surfboard!

Adam and I made a super cool sandcastle!

Here is our super cool campsite!


This was our tent's last trip!  It has too many holes that we just can't keep patched.  It had a good run it was the tent I used with my family as a teenager!

 Here is another Pic of Adam up on the board!

We All Scream For Ice Cream!!!

This campground was great!  The best sites are of course on the beach side (bigger) and there are hot showers for 25 cents for 5 minutes (so cheap).  Plus it is seriously ON THE BEACH!  we never left the beach and had no need to.  Oh and you can walk to ice cream!

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