Friday, October 30, 2009

When Grandma comes to visit!!!

It really was so fun to have my mom out for over a week. She had not been out since Adam was born and it was fun to show her some of my favorite "haunts" (cuz it's Halloween time) we were able to do lots of fun things like see our new house in the making, go downtown to the fashion district, eat too much frozen yogurt at Costco, ride the subway to Union Station, visit the pumpkin patch, do lots of crafts and even start packing boxes for you know what. I wish my parents lived closer so we could do more stuff together maybe in more time, lol. When she left I was beat but I knew I could catch up a little after she left but the hours with mom were limited. so here are a couple fun pics of our doings.

apparently no feeding the goats didn't apply to my mom and her grand kids :)

can you guess what this pic is?

we love Grandma!!!

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