Sunday, November 1, 2009


This year for Halloween we went to our trunk or treat the night before at church (for those of you who don't know what that is we go trick or treating from car to car in the parking lot and everyone decorates their trunks really fun and spooky!) Then we went trick or treating on Halloween night in Toluca Lake with some good friends. The kids had a blast hanging out with friends and collecting their goods!!

What a gang!!
The boys' friends Tyler and Oliver

Adam's first house!! (and the scary moving bowl)

Best buddies!! (Kien and Kevin)
Adam so enjoyed helping handing out candy at the Cooke's house after we were done trick or treating, when we were leaving more people were coming up the drive and he kept yelling, "stop, more customers".....LOL That is what him and Kien had been calling the trick or treaters.
eyeball cupcakes made Kevin's night!!
Yeah, they are pretty cute!!


The Trotter Family said...

Cute! I think they might be over sugared for the next month now. I know mine will!

Dennis and Kay said...

So much fun! Your boys look so cool and I LOVE the first pic with all of the boys together. Do you mind e-mailing it to me?

Sarah said...

Oh my gosh, that last picture of Kien and Kevin is so ADORABLE! Good buddies.