Sunday, October 18, 2009

Laying low and Wedding Bells!!!

It seems we have been a little bit of home bodies lately due to Kevin's cold sore break out, a cough that Adam had that was of course then passed to Kevin followed by mom (who is currently now suffering from a cough and sore throat and unable to take any "good" drugs for it) But we have even yet had a very busy couple of weeks. I was able to get Kevin to class one day this week before he fell truly ill and I have been making and planning Christmas Presents like crazy. We have been moving forward with our moving plans and it is seeming more and more real every day. We had a yard sale that has left us missing a couple of things we actually do use but that we won't need when we move so again it is feeling more like we are moving. The truly big news though of course is that my Sis (Sarah is called Sis in our family, I'm not sure why because we are all sisters but she got the designation of being sis) got MARRIED!! It was super fun and I am so glad we were able to be there (I am tearing up again thinking about it) Her new hubby, Josh, is a wonderful addition to our family and they are just such a fun couple. She looked gorgeous in a dress I wish I had in another color :D and Josh looked oh so dashing and handsome. They are just so cute. I wouldn't have given up going down and sharing that day with them for anything in the world. They tied the knot at the courthouse and we (Bryan and I) got to be their witnesses and sign the paperwork. The wedding took place on Sis' birthday as well so it was a very special day for the two of them. So here goes...some of the highlights!!

Last chance before what is done is done!!!

It was a hot day and it was a hot dress kudos to Sarah for wearing it for almost 2 hours!!

Just in case you were wondering how my pregnancy is looking...well it is looking :D


Sarah said...

Congrats to your Sis! You're right! I do wish I had her dress in a different color. It was beautiful!

Claire said...

That's great! Congrats to them both! Best wishes :)
Hope you're feeling better!

Beth said...

So cool! Do they live here? I didn't realize you had a sister nearby. Congrats and YAY Weddings!!!

Anonymous said...

How awesome for your sis! You look great! I love your hair and your cute little baby bump. :)

Grammy said...

Hey, Tawny,
How neat! Thanks for the pictures! So wonderful that you all could be there for the wedding. Congrats to Sarah and Josh on their wedding day. They look so cute together.
Please send me their address by e-mail, would you please?
Aunt Grammy