Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Random Fact Wednesday

Starting today I will be posting a random fact about myself, Bryan or our families (families, don't get worried nothing too personal) So you can get to know some interesting things you may not have known before. Today is the first of these so here goes.

Today's random fact is about me. Here it is... I grew up on a farm! seriously with cows, chickens, goats, horses (at some times), and even Turkeys. We lived on Five Acres in Northwest Washington. My mom had a garden that took up an entire acre and she grew everything. we had apple trees, cherry trees (black and red) pear trees and wild blackberries that grew like weeds on our property. We had a compost pile where all trash that was food like went and a fruit room where there were thousands of jars of canned foods that my mother canned. I ran around with my sisters outside almost every day. We lived in a 2 bedroom 1100 square foot house which was perfect for us, we really only ate and slept inside. These are some of my fondest childhood memories, canning mushrooms, tomatoes, beans, pickles, all kinds of fruit, jams, and applesauce with my mom for hours in the kitchen. I was a big helper (obviously this was before I became a teenager.) I have even held the bucket while gutting a chicken, I was probably 7ish. So there you have it, and you thought I was just a city girl. Truth be said, I would do it the same as my mother except I would need to travel often, visit the "big city" often. and stay cultured. I like country life I just don't like the small minded uncultured things that sometimes accompany it. I really don't like chain restaurants, is that so wrong?
here is me and my two sisters, Sarah in pink, Rachael in blue. This was on our property in winter, (looks cold). Behind us are blackberry bushes that were burnt to the ground at the end of each summer to keep them from taking over our property. Behind those bushes was the field where the cows and horses and goats were fenced with electric fences. I got shocked nearly every day of my life. It was fun. That pink and purple huffy bike was my pride and joy. I sold 500 candy bars and won it in one of those fund raisers that no one wins the grand prize in...but I DID IT!!

What is something little known about you?


Grammy said...

Dear Tawny,
Loved the story about your growing up, it is so much more detailed than what your mom has told me about living up there in W. state. Your mom is a super woman, and so talented. She did a really wonderful job in caring for her family up there. love you,
Aunt Grammy

Sarah said...

Fascinating! I never knew that about you. I like this random fact idea. That sounds like such an idyllic childhood. Is that the right word? Anyway, I dream of raising my children on a place like that maybe just a place that's a little more of an escape from the city but still close to the city --- kind of like you.