Thursday, March 12, 2009

Random Fact Wednesday on Thursday

So you is not really Wednesday, any way the random fact for this week is about Bryan, Yay. I know we are all excited about this.

(Bryan is the totally cool one in the hat, my kind of guy)

Bryan graduated H.S. in 95 and started college. He started out majoring in...yup you guessed it film. Doesn't everyone around here? He then went on his Mission from 97-99' and when on his mission got a strong impression to change his major even though he had already put a couple years into the other one. So when I met him, right after his mission, he was changing his major to Architecture. This meant a change in School which meant a change in location, which is why we now reside here in Studio City with all our Studio City friends. Bryan is probably one of the few people that moved to Studio City because he decided not to be a film major. Bryan graduated in 2007, Arch programs are 5 years no matter what you did before, and now works for the city of Los Angeles as an Architect in their Harbor Department. So now you know something more about Bryan because we all know how he loves to talk about himself...NOT.


Grammy said...

Really coooool picture! Very interesting commentary as well.
Love to all of you
Aunt Grammy

Sarah said...

That's the only time I've ever seen Brian wearing a hat. For someone who is married to someone else who LOVES hats, he should wear them more often! Interesting fact --- didn't know he started in film. And yes, we do all start in film (including myself, actually graduated in it). I do think it's cool he's an architect! Maybe because my Dad was I'm very nostalgic about anyone choosing to be an architect. It's cool!

Hope you survived a day of baby-sitting. Wasn't that today? Didn't it start at 5:30am? Wow. You're a trooper!

Crazy Lady said...

this is really funny, i mean you are a funny writer and i love reading the get to know yous....and i thought we knew you two!