Monday, March 2, 2009

Now I Know my ABC's

I have been thinking a lot about teaching Kevin, many of you know I do plan on home schooling my kids at least through 3-4th grade. and on top of that in case that was not controversial enough I am not going to start Kevin in preschool until he is 4. Then I plan on starting a coop with anyone who may be interested, I know most my girl pals now are all starting their little ones in preschool this year at 3 so probably they won't be interested in doing it with me, that is totally non important info. But I just came across a website that is great for right now for teaching the ABC's. (not just the song). Kevin knows the song but has no idea what they mean, until recently he has shown zero interest but now he sees letters and and recognizes that they are letters so it is time to start teaching them separately. the website is called Brightly beaming Resources and it is under the letter of the week category. She has put about 50 ideas on what to do with each letter, including, books to read, poetry, snacks, animals, flowers, and tons of other ideas. It is a great resource if you are looking for something to do with your little one to introduce them to their letters.


Sarah said...

I don't think you wanting to home school is controversial. Do people make you feel that way? I hope not!

I am someone who hasn't put their 3 year old in preschool yet. She has a Burbank Rec Program class Friday mornings, but that's just one class and I go to it with her. So, I don't count that. I wanted to put Josie in preschool when she's 4 too, but she doesn't turn 4 until December, so I think I might start her in the fall. I have her signed up right now to start in fall. My sister does a co-op. I think it's a good idea!

Thanks for the alphabet resource. Cool!

Reagan said...

I can see what you mean by some people not understanding the benefits of home school, and therefore not supporting it. I'm with you though, me and Jess have made the solid decision to home school our kids too. We'll put them in other programs that give them the physical and social interactions they'd need as a supplement.

Thank you for sharing this cool resource! I've been wondering the same thing, how to help T understand what the letters actually are and what they mean. You're awesome, as usual ;)

The Trotter Family said...

No controversy from me...go for it! I haven't started Micah in preschool either. It is too expensive, so we are doing gymnastics. I wish I could send him to school though, I could use a break here and there!

Grammy said...

Dear Tanya,
I think home schooling is great, but am not much for preschool class, unless children have no interaction with others at other places. I think kids get enough of organized school after the age of five, (but that is just one person's opinion, for what it is worth). I think you are doing a super job with your two boys. Love to all of you.

beth said...

I say no rush into preschool. You just do what is right for your family. I think our life experiences tend to lean us toward one direction or another. I have such good memories of public school (I'm one of those weird people who LOVES school). Maybe that's one reason I'm excited for my kids - hoping they have a good experience too. And you obviously had a great experience home schooling and want that for your kids too.

Crazy Lady said...

some girls in encino did alphabet program before i moved there. sounds darling. Darby pretty much knows her alphabeth though, now we are working on writing. if you lived closer i would do it.

if there were people in my area, I would do joy school or something too.

dude, i love you tanya, and i love that we can be totally different because i would never homeschool. Ever. maybe if all the schools burned down. mostly cause i think my siblings i really benefited from our public school. but i think that you could still homeschool and make college a priority. which sometimes i think homeschool kids lack ambition for.

i am pretty anti private school now. don't want my kids going to school with a bunch of snobs. i guess we all have our wierd quirks.