Saturday, February 21, 2009

A first time for everything

Yesterday I tried my feet at snowboarding. I have never done anything but sled down an icy slope so it was pretty funny to those watching, I'm sure.

I am sore today beyond belief but probably because my poor body got so racked by my being on my rear end more than on my feet. Here are some pics for your enjoyment, Ha!!

a wonderfully huge pulled pork sandwich, yum

a video for your viewing enjoyment , It's okay, you can start laughing now so you are ready when you see this.

I made it, no worries!


Sarah said...

When I was in college, a boy took me snowboarding on our first date. I had never been before, but I thought it was pretty fun and oddly easier than skiing. I've never been since. Glad you had a good time!

Beth said...

I think you looked pretty good on that snowboard. I never went skiing until I was in my twenties and had a pretty traumatic experience so I'm not a fan. Maybe snowboarding is better.

Grammy said...

Wow! That looks like fun, and you look like a real "California Girl"!
I am sure that I could never do that, but you are brave for trying and doing it. Thanks for the video, and yes, I did laugh. I will probably watch it again when I come back to your blog. Great going, Tawny! Love you, say hi to the boys for me.

Claire said...

I've always found that no matter how much you fall or don't, you are soo sore the day after snowboarding. I think it's due to the perma-squat you are in as you race down the hill. haha

Reagan said...

Look at you Shreddin' the slopes! I have to say you ALSO look stylin. I didn't realized there was snowboarding so close to us, cool. It was something I grew up doing, every winter since age 6!

P.S. It was totally Caillou that made Teya want to skate too (and Little Bear)