Saturday, September 20, 2008

Losing my Mind

The other day as I was leaving my home to go for a walk to the park, I had to stop off and unlock a vacant unit (job related). So I went over and did it then tried to round up my kids. We have a courtyard in our building and Kevin was playing in it. I found him and got worried because I did not see Adam. I asked Kevin where Adam was. He said, "he's right there mama" I didn't see him. I asked again, more worried, "Kevin, Where is a Adam show me!," He is right there as he pointed towards me.... . . . . My heart racing I look behind me, nothing... Then it happened, I found him, I had been holding him the whole time. Kevin has actually teasing me about this for about 30 minutes calling me silly. I was relieved to have found Adam and I felt totally retarded and hoped nobody had been watching me in the courtyard. This was losing your glasses on your head to a whole new level. So if any of you out there think you are losing your mind sometimes just know it could probably get worse.


Pam said...

yeah, that's pretty bad. it happens to the best of us!

Sarah said...

I'm so glad you posted this story on your blog. I was laughing so hard when you told me in person. I think it's hilarious that he was RIGHT IN YOUR ARMS the whole time. I love it! It does happen to all of us. I seriously think it's called "momnesia".

Brent and Emily said...

That's hilarious. I hope you are laughing about it. :)

Glad you found him.