Tuesday, September 9, 2008

In Review

So I have been horrible at updating partially due to my camera, I left my charger in Tenn. and had to wait for my little sister to send it back out to me it took a while, of course. But I wanted to do a few weeks in review so here goes.

We went to Disneyland a week ago or so ago and California adventure and had a really fun time...

The pixar parade was Kevin's favorite thing.

We went Camping in Yosemite with the Barty's and that was super fun.

1. Mirror Lake, we hiked to this lake to go swimming, obviously we didn't it was gone...so sad
2. the boys eating some snacks after our exhausting hike
3. Our picnic once we found out there was no lake, the rocks were cool though as in not hot.

Adam Learned how to walk and he does it so cute, I love babies just learning to walk they are like little drunk beings.

Kevin is potty trained...!!!! He even didn't have any accidents camping although he went every hour b/c he loved peeing in the bushes, oh to be a boy. and he even went on the toilet for every poo (sorry for poo talk).


The Trotter Family said...

I am totally jealous that you got Kevin potty trained! Chad and I are kind of feeling like failures and now just joke around about what it will be like to change his diapers when he is in high school! "Hey mpm, hurry up, I'm going to miss football practice!"

beth said...

Awwww... Adam is so cute. I can't believe he is walking. Doesn't he turn one any day now? And Kevin is potty trained. I swear I'm gonna have to force Tyler. If he's not potty trained by three we are going cold turkey.