Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Just for Laughs

Just a quick thought... or comment... Today Kevin went in the potty number 2 and he always wants to show me, I usually hear, "mom come look" or something like that but today, I could have died laughing as I heard from the bathroom "WOW!, MOM CHECK IT OUT!" It was, of course, a big one... (who taught him that...?)


Grammy said...

Dear Tanya,
Just a quick comment...Really cute reaction from Kevin. We enjoyed your visit so very much. Thanks for your comment on my blog. Am catching up on yours. You have a really sweet family and I love the pictures.
Aunt Grammy

Barty Family said...

I know Braden probably taught Kevin a few bad habits while were camping, so I hope that wasn't Braden's influence. It's really cute!