Monday, March 17, 2014

Memory Pics

I recently taught Kevin how to play rummy.

Isaac often wears cowboy boots with shorts and rides his scooter...this is just normal.

 Cute pics of Kevin and Adam at their friend's baptism.  I would like to note Kevin's hand signs.  He might actually be partly Asian...

just too cute, Owen blowing on dandelions.

In other news my 22 month old is riding a scooter.  It is kind of crazy...

 Skeleton on the Skateboard.

bike and skateboard trains...very dangerous and seemingly fun!

cute picture of Owen and Grandpa

Cuddles from my almost two year old while I should have been doing the massive pile of laundry that is just out of frame.  Also note that this boy loves this handmade blanket, made by my friend, Shel!

Cute Boys Being Cute Boys!

last week we had two black eyes in the same week...Yikes

Sunday walk with my boys.  We got Owen his own stroller since he loves them so much.  He is pretty much inseparable from it.  Kevin was at a meeting with Dad.  He goes with dad to Ward Council before church every Sunday and reads whatever book he is into in the foyer.  He likes the private time.

I have started walking (since that is all I can do with my ankle).  I do it while the boys are in classes and Isaac is at preschool so I get to hang with this cutie pie!  He is a great work out buddy!

These two boys love painting.  I love my new table that I got for just $25 at target... 4 foot folding table with adjustable awesome especially since the the school room seats two kiddos and now I have somewhere I can also seat two more...kinda perfect considering I have 4 boys!

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