Saturday, November 17, 2012

Camp Kevin!

I cannot believe I have a seven year old! Kevin is truly the sweetest little boy. He is the most awesome big brother in the world ( in my opinion). This year I asked Kevin what he would like to do for his birthday. He said, "go camping!". We were not up for braving the November night temps in the mountains so we went for a camp themed party. Kevin liked that idea too since his friends could come to it! This party was so much fun to do. It was a lot of planning and I could not have done it without pinterest :) I had 4 activities lined up for the day, they included campsite bird feeders, ghost stories by the fire, make your own trail mix, and dodge ball for the in between times! So here are some snap shots of the fun we had!

Campfire cake!!!

Some of the food!

The s'mores were so yummy!

The food table

Our first activity was the bird feeders. They turned out great! The dads were awesome at helping!

Next was ghost stories. Bryan had planned some awesome stories and kids soaked them up. It was so fun!

Yes, Bryan and I made these tents!

Then we made our own trail mix! I had 7 choices to add to the mix including craisins, peanuts, sunflower seeds, m&m's, mini marshmallows, mango granola, and pretzels. Nana and Aunt Lindsey were super helpful at this activity!

There is the birthday boy! He said after opening his gifts, "I got everything I ever wanted in my whole life". He is hilarious!

Grandma, Grandpa, Nana and Ziggy at the grandparents table :)

Grandma was the grill master and cooked us up some fine burgers!

A happy birthday boy, that's what we love to see!

All the birthday pals together for a s'more near the fire. From left to right: Isaac, Adam, Ryan,Wesley, Kevin, Ethan, Caleb P, and Caleb Z. (not pictured: Logan, Hailey, and Isaiah)


bjanosz said...

What a fun party! A mom after my own heart....

Beth said...

Wow. I am impressed. You sure put a lot of work into that one. Not sure how you're doing all this w/ four boys, house to manage, school to teach and all. Maybe a parenting book is next?

Crazy Lady said...

looove the party! you are super woman tanya don't know how you do it!