Saturday, March 17, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

This year Valentine's day was a little different for us because it fell on a sad occasion.  This year Great Grandma passed away and her funeral was on February 14th.  We celebrated with our traditional red and pink dinner the night before and it actually turned out to be very fun since we were having the Sister Missionaries over for dinner.  We got to share our tradition with them.  I wish we would have taken pictures but sadly we didn't.  Also Aunt Sarah joined us for dinner which was fun too since we had Valentines the boys had put together for the Sisters and for My sister too :D.  The boys helped me make these Valentines this year.

When the boys woke up on Valentine's Day they were greeted with a super healthy breakfast

and their mailboxes had valentines from Mommy and a treat for each of them.  They were very excited!!

Kevin went to school so he could attend at least part of his big V-day party with his school pals and give out his Valentines there.  Then we picked him up early and headed up to Burbank to celebrate the life of someone we all loved very much, Great Grandma,  Ethel Low.  She had been fighting Leukemia at the end of her life, she lived to be 84 years old and I know she is happy to be with Papa now as she missed him so much.  Ethel worked at the studios in wardrobe and had wonderful stories of working with all of the stars.  Bryan remembers her telling them all to him when he was younger and he being excited to tell his friends who all his Grandma knew.  I got to know her too which was such a blessing in my life.  Before Bryan and I got married I lived with Grandma for a few months while we saved up for the wedding.  I moved up  to Toluca Lake and Bryan would come visit on all his days off and we would hang out with Grandma and I got to hear all her stories first hand.  She was honestly so kind hearted and I knew she loved me and our family and all of our boys loved her too.  Here are a few pics of her at work.  (She didn't like her picture being taken much the last couple of years)

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Arianne said...

In that last picture, she was one hot momma! :)