Thursday, March 1, 2012

Our Lake Tahoe BabyMoon!!!

Last year when we went to Kauai we ended up being able to give up our seats in exchange for some airline vouchers to the tune of $800 each.  They were only good for one year and that year was approaching fast (April 9th to be exact)  So we decided we needed to go somewhere, anywhere before #4 came along and before our vouchers expired, we decided on Lake Tahoe because we could get cheap accommodations especially since there had not been any snow up there this year at all.  For us that was fine since I wasn't really in any condition really for any real snow play.  We flew in on a Friday and it was in this picture

 of course we had cracked our window during the night because in my current state, I am always hot and needed some air.  By morning we could not close the window because it was jammed with snow :D

we went outside to find a winter wonderland, pretty...
 with some wind gusts reaching into the 100 mph range it was pretty chilly up there on top of the ridge!!

we ventured across the street and took a timeshare tour which paid for 3 of our meals while there and some souvenirs for the boys so it was worth it, plus we were not going to be driving in this anyway...:D

later in the afternoon it cleared a little bit and we went down to South Lake Tahoe and did some shopping...(bought Bryan a hat) and got some hot chocolate!!

we had to dig our car out of course...

poor Bryan had to stay out and scrape in the gusting wind, it was attacking him...

We ate out at a restaurant called the Fresh Catch in the Keys.  Bryan had meatloaf (yes it is wrapped in bacon, he said it was the best meatloaf he had EVER had) 
pictured below

I had Chilean Sea Bass, yuummmmm

The next morning we ventured out again and found the South Lake Tahoe Ward.  It was nice to go meet new people and spend a few hours with the locals : D and by the time we got out of church it was snowing again... here are some pics of the area around our Time Share...I have pics of Kevin playing on this playground when he was about 11 months old so I had to add this picture in...

The rest of the afternoon we just relaxed, took a really long nap and stayed warm.

we ventured out in the evening, by out, I mean across the street and we took our Rivals for Catan Game and played in the clubhouse, until it was time to go watch Downton Abby!!!!

Then sadly it was the last day of our wonderful vacation in which we pretty much did nothing for 3 days, it was awesome.  We had to dig our car out again from the snowfall the night before....

the we went down to the Lake because we hadn't even seen it, so we figured we better stop by on our way out of looked cold and grey, but still huge and pretty...

someone will have to wait a little while to go wake boarding again.

the happy couple!!

We have taken this ferry out every time I've gone with my parents up to Tahoe, but today it just wasn't running...I wonder why???

on our way to Reno it was pretty dense fog and snow so we had to drive pretty slow...

we drove over to Virginia City and walked around and bought some fudge at the only open shop because the whole town had lost power the morning we decided to drop in...but it was so quaint and cute and really it worked well not have electricity...we would love to go back on a warm day sometime!!

Our trip was so much fun.  We were sad to have to go back to the hustle and bustle of real life but glad to get back to our sweet time we are taking them with us!!!

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