Thursday, March 15, 2012

Isaac turns 2

This year because I am in the condition I am in we had two small birthday parties for Isaac instead of one big one.  We had one with family at my parent's house and then we had one with some friends at our home.  Isaac was very excited to have days devoted to him.  He is really into sweets so having doughnuts and cake several times in one week were extra special.  Isaac got lots of fun stuff for his birthday this year including a Winnie the Pooh movie which is way cute and some clothes and, of course, cars...but his big gift this year was his very own big boy race car bed.  He has tried it out a couple of nights but has opted so far for his crib.  He actually will lay down in the bed and when we leave he just moves his pillow blanket, blankie, and himself into his crib without ever bothering us.  It is pretty funny to us that he has actually never crawled out of his crib but makes a habit of crawling into it!!

These pictures are not great quality, I'm not sure what went wrong but I hopefully can find some more pics of his parties :D!!

the birthday boy!!

 all the boys!!

yes, we had Krispy Kreme Doughnuts for his birthday!!!

I love this picture because Kevin is so excited for him!! (such an awesome big brother)

the big boy car bed!!

The second party was a day later when we had our good friends, the Cookes, come down and hang out with us for the day.  This was a crazy boy play date!! They spent a couple of hours at the park then came in for dinner and an awesome cake (decorated by Kien) with candles and all.  Isaac had so much fun running with the big boys and sleep came easy to all that night!! 

boys being boys on the slide!!

our big boy, I can't believe he is two years old already!!

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English Garden said...

Its so wierd, I feel like I only know Isaac through your blog. BTW you look super cute with your pregnant tum!