Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Travel Town and a visit with Santa!!

During December we decided to make a trip up to Travel Town to take the the train to go see Santa Clause. We hadn't planned on anyone meeting us there but we were very excited to get a surprise visit with most of the Barty Family at least all the Boys!! Jonah, Ashton and Braden Met us there and the boys all had so much fun running around and playing together. They had not seen each other for at least six months so it was lots of fun to see them act as though a day had not passed.

Here they are waiting to take the train!!

the tree lights were programmed to "dance" with the music..very exciting

On the train...Choo Choo!!!

there is a picture of our family with Santa but I have misplaced that, of course...When I find it I will add it in. 

After Travel Town we decided to go see a couple of dueling houses for Christmas lights in Burbank they were pretty amazing...I can't imagine all the work it would take to make these into the wonderland they are

It was a late night by then so we headed home with 3 sleeping boys and some memories with some good friends and a good dose of Christmas fun!!

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