Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A 6 Year Old is Roaming Our House

So this year we rented out the brand new pool house in our community for Kevin's 6th birthday party.  It was extra special because we were the very first party at the Pool House!! We broke it in so to speak and what better way than with a 6 year old birthday party :D

Doesn't our minivan look awesome in this pic??

how the venue looks when it is not overtaken with 6 year olds!!

 clockwise:  Kevin, Ryan, Dillon, and Adam
 at the back of the table by Bryan is Brandon and Vincent.

 We opened gifts!!

 the cute girl with the ribbon in her hair is Alexis!

 Now can you guess what we did for Kevin's party?  It may not be clear by the pictures :D
 we did not have a wrestling party...

 Although it looks that way and Alexis would have totally won even though she was the only girl...
But we had a "Cars II" Party and watched the movie on the giant screen with popcorn and treats and it was the loudest craziest movie EVER!!! but everyone had tons of fun and I am sure everyone involved slept very well that night.  Kevin had a blast running around with his friends and Isaac loved collecting all the little cars he had gotten as gifts and putting them in a bag and keeping them away from anyone who wanted them.  It was lots of fun renting the pool house which was enclosed and pretty soundproof.  Also I didn't have to clean my house for the event...yay!!

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