Friday, January 27, 2012

Doing Disneyland!!

Kevin's best friend, Kien, wanted nothing more than to go to Disneyland with his Best Buddy, Kevin, for his birthday this although we had to say no at first through some magical blessings (my Sister and brother-in-law winning 4 tickets to Disneyland off the radio and then deciding to give them to us) we were able to go after all.  It was so much fun and all the boys had an absolute blast together.  We were joined by some of the Cooke's friends as well who had 6 wonderfully well behaved children of their own, so it was quite a party!!

We started the day on the tram from the parking lot which for Isaac rivaled any ride in the park!!

truth be known the circus train was Isaac's very favorite ride and he was talking about it days later still :D

We met up with all of our friends in the park!!

we split early on at Splash Mountain for the braver souls to ride Splash mountain and we kept a couple of the less brave that day to ride Winnie the pooh!!

Caleb actually rode Splash Mountain but we did a second run on Winnie the Pooh ride and he and Adam got to ride together   (Adam sat Splash Mountain out this time)

so much love...

We rode rides with our friends throughout the day then ate dinner.  After dinner we separated by height...the taller kids went with Bryan and Joel and the Shorter ones with Shel and I.  This is where we got to ride The Circus Train, Dumbo, Mr Toads Wild Ride, and the Carousel...the Tall kids Rode Space Mountain, Star Wars, The Matterhorn, and Kevin (the tallest as of now) got to ride Indian Jones.  They had a blast riding the big rides!!

Then we finished the perfect Disneyland day out with some Fireworks and a Monorail ride to Wetzel's Pretzels (outside the park). 

by this time Isaac had succumbed to his "ganky and baba"... :D 

What a Day!!!

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