Saturday, January 15, 2011

Who Made Dinner?

I made Dinner!!!!!!

We have one sick family this week. One week ago tomorrow my two oldest got sick fevers and all. This was followed by a couple miserable days until Monday evening Mom got sick. And let me tell you I fell hard...fever, chills, cough (ing till throwing up) you know a bad case of the yuckies. Now I am finally coming out of it and although I still have a voice no one wants to hear and I still have coughing fits here and there (probably causing my voice to stay away) I finally felt well enough to make dinner last night. So I made this and it turned out way yummy although I would cook the pork for a little less time next time.

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Grammy said...

hi, Tawny! So sorry you have been so ill! The kids are adorable. Love you all., Aunt Grammy Ruby