Saturday, January 29, 2011

Palm Springs in January

This week we went to Palm springs for a 30 hour vacation. We left after Kevin's school on Monday and got home Tuesday night. but while we were there we had tons of fun, sadly I don't have any pictures of the boys swimming which is what they did both days we were there. The pool was heated to nearly 90 degrees and they loved being in it for hours. Here are the pics I do have of our fun adventure in crashing the grandparent's vacation...:D

Vacation started with a ride on the luggage cart

the view from the living room of the condo at the Vista Mirage, very cool!!

there were lots of citrus trees on the grounds and it was citrus picking day and the boys got some too :D

Downtown Palm Springs was fun mostly because it included frozen yogurt, and Grandma and Grandpa let them pick their yogurt flavor aaaannnndddd toppings

the playground at the complex was fun too and even Isaac got in on the action :D

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