Monday, March 22, 2010

Weekend Wear-Out!!

This weekend we had so much fun!! Bryan had a 3 day weekend and we were able to pack fun in everyday. Here it is in review...

Sunday: We went to a baby shower up in Thousand Oaks area. Our Cousin Lori is having her second boy, his name will by Matthew Kyle (I love it) Here is a pic of her practicing with Isaac :D

Here is her older son, Travis getting ready for his own little brother's arrival at the end of this month!!
I am so glad I am no longer pregnant, lol, but Lori doesn't have long to go!!

Saturday: We went to a birthday party for Jasmin (a 1 year old) at Boomers!! The boys got to ride lots of rides, eat cake and pizza and hang out with other friends from their new church.
I rode the Farris Wheel, yes it was terrifying but the boys weren't scared...

riding the balloons with their friends Mia and Tyler

Here is a pic of Kevin and Tyler on the roller coaster (it was the longest roller coaster ever)

I got extremely dizzy and finished out with a headache, but Adam had a blast!!

oh yes the train is always a smile getter

Friday: We went to the Aquarium and had fun seeing all the different fish and such

yay for Sharks!!
we love pretending like we are going to touch the sharks...(we are really a little to afraid to do it)


Allie said...

Looks like fun - so sorry to be missing out!!

The Trotter Family said...

Look at you up and running already! I hope to be as active and mobile after three. That is a lot in one weekend though. That is when you need another weekend to recover!

Grammy said...

Hi, Looks like you had fun! That is, everything but the ferris wheel. Uh-uh, not me!
Love to you all
Aunt Grammy