Thursday, March 18, 2010

Filling our Days

This week we have had lots of fun finding things to fill our days. We have painted, made play dough masterpieces, dressed up and we even had a car wash for our outdoor toys. We have played a little baseball in the front lawn area and rode our bikes for hours. (and pushed our trucks) We have ventured to new parks and stayed for a long long time (3 hours) we have driven up to the Valley (for mom's dr. appt.) and seen some old friends, yes this has been a fun week, and the weekend is looking like a blast too, Here are some highlights!!

We opened the garage door got a bucket with soap and water some sponges and went to work on cleaning the vehicles, too bad mine needed it the most but didn't get touched.

Isaac watched his brothers working away and enjoyed a little outside air!!

Adam's truck could actually use a real scrubbing!!!

Kevin was very intent on getting his clean then taking it for a spin to show it off!!!

Dressing up in every costume we had took lots of time and made for lots of fun, and lots of mess to clean up too!!!


Grammy said...

Dear Little family in California,
What absolute fun! Isaac is looking so sweet and growing like a little flower. Love to all of you,
Aunt Grammy

Allie said...

What a creative way to spend an afternoon with your boys!!