Friday, March 5, 2010

My Maiden Voyage

This week I left the house for the first time on my own with the three boys. Yes we got in the car drove 1 mile got out at the park played for an hour and half, got back in the car, drove 1 mile back home, and got out!! we made it through our adventure unscathed although mom was pretty tired after such an exhausting adventure. Who knew such a small feat for mankind could be such a huge feat for a new mom of three.

this is the G-I-A-N-T sandbox (aka volleyball court with no net) All of our new parks have wood chips instead of sand at the play areas it is a little sad for our sand toys.

playing on the basketball court with our ball. A little story...Kevin passed me the ball I dribbled it a couple of times with one hand because Isaac was attached to my front then shot it at the basket and MADE IT!! I decided not to try again and ruin my perfect record :D

we played at the water fountain and made footprints and hand prints in as many squares as we could. This was a 30 minute spur of the moment activity, I love those!!

Static Electricity always makes for fun!!

Random Cute Pics of the Boys!!


Allie said...

You were very brave. Soon this will all be old hat!

The Trotter Family said...

I know what that is like. I remember being so scared to take both out the first time. I wonder what three is like. Go you!

Sarah said...

All I have to say is that I'm completely impressed with you dribbling the basketball and making a perfect shot, all while a baby was strapped to your chest!!!

Grammy said...

Really sweet! I love all the pics and the commentary. It brings back a lot of memories (from more than 50 years ago). Thank you! Love to all of you.
Aunt Grammy