Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Random Fact Wednesday...or bird trouble

Well today's random fact is more of a fact about how apparently appealing our bedroom window is....
So on Sunday Bryan was woken up before Kevin woke up by this beauty.
He then told me about it but I didn't think much of it until Monday when it happened to me. This bird pecks on the window and runs into it. It is now Wednesday and I couldn't help but catch him in the action (he now does it all day long). I have been woken by this bird when the sun comes up around 6:20 every morning this week. What is it about the window? If you know bunches about birds and have an idea on why it is doing it and how I can make him stop...HELP ME!!
Here are some pics of the bird pecking my window and running into it.


you can see it near the top of this pic, running into my window...


Lane and Hannah said...

You could try hanging strips of tin foil in front of the window. That's what we always did with our fruit trees when the birds became a problem. The strips would move in the breeze and startly the birds so they wouldn't eat the fruit. But it might works with your window too.

My parents have two wall that are glass in Floria and they have some wood peckers that can't tell the difference between trees and reflections. It's hillarious to watch them run into the windows over and over and over. It's also really irritating to listen to, but fortuntely they're only renting the place!

Hillary said...

Yikes, how annoying! I wish I had a good idea to help. Sounds like Hannah had one and I hope that it works for you because nobody should be awakened like that!

Grammy said...

Sounds like the bird sees his reflection in the window and is attacking what he thinks is another bird. I don't know what you could do to prevent his seeing the reflection. Hannah's idea sounds pretty good until he no longer is attracted to the window.
Aunt Grammy