Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Random Fact Wednesday!

Here it is...Drum Roll Please...........ddddddididididdiididii....It is really not that exciting. But wait for it.

I collected teddy bears the entire time I was growing up. I had hundreds of them in every shape and form. I had fuzzy ones, glass ones, porcelain ones and wooden ones. My room looked like Boyd's bears had set up shop and wasn't leaving. I recently sold all my bears in a yard sale for 50 cents a piece almost every single one sold. I was really surprised that anyone would want my old bears but they were in perfect condition. I never played with them I just collected them. So there you have it something you never knew you didn't want to know about me, lol

p.s. that pic is the picture I sent to Bryan in the mail to show him what I looked like when we met online. I guess it won him over :)


Sarah said...

That is random and funny because I also collected bears. I certainly didn't have as many as you, but I do have one that comes up to my waist and my girls play with now. I liked passing down a toy of mine that was still in good condition to my girls. Do you have any left to pass down to your boys or did you sell them all?

Hillary said...

That is so funny. My favorite part was that you used that particular picture to send to Bryan. I think we need a whole post about your courtship ;)

Grammy said...

Golly Moses! Only 50 cents apiece! I would have asked at least two dollars a bear, but then I guess I am so sentimental about collected items, it would have been difficult for me to have sold them for so little. But good for you, letting them go is like letting part of your childhood go now that you are an adult. I thik I probably would have kept 3 ir 4 for the children. Love you all, TAnya! Looking forward to seeing you all again.