Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Random Fact Wednesday

So I played sports...I played Volleyball, Basketball and I would say I ran track but I didn't but I threw discus and shot put and I pole vaulted. I won best field all 4 years of High School and I even got a scholarship to throw discus at ETSU that I didn't take because the coach said I would have to run an event as well. I really hate running competitively. Although I have recently taken on sewing and scrap booking as fulfilling hobbies my true love is in sports and I would choose Volleyball or Tennis over most any other activity. (Tennis I picked up b/c Bryan and his family are into it) So there you have it my secret love, and by the way, why doesn't our stake have sports???


Sarah said...

I was so surprised when you told me this the night I baby-sat for you guys. I think it's awesome you threw the disc further than anyone else in high school. How many moms can say that?! And, if you ever go play vollyball for fun on a weekend morning like the boys play dodgeball or whatever, I'd love to come play a game with you. I'm not very good, but I think it's really fun!

Lane and Hannah said...

Because church sports are often brawls that begin with a pray. And then just to irritate you!