Thursday, April 2, 2009

Fun with friends

We have had the opportunity to hang out with friends lots and lots lately, here are some pics of the boys and buddies.

Kevin and Kien...puzzle madness!! (and don't forget the firetrucks)

Josie and Kevin... fun hugs!
(Taken off Sarah's Blog)
Adam and Caleb lovin' some grapes! Adam cried for two days everytime he saw his knee, it was just a little sidewalk scratch once we got it all cleaned up, lol (he needed loved and cuddled after every diaper change because all of the sudden the sight of it made it hurt all over again :)
Picnic? anyone?
Kien, Kevin, Caleb, and Adam

A couple of videos...

(if these toys came from you they love them!!)

I love how Adam tries to help Caleb get back up, "its just not as fun if we both aren't doing it!!)


Sarah said...

Those are some cute, cute pictures! I still love the one of Josie and Kevin. I don't know why, but it just warms my heart when I see it --- cheezy, I know.

Lane and Hannah said...

So fun! We miss you guys so much!

Claire said...

That trampoline video is so cute! what sweet boys!