Saturday, July 28, 2012

We Pooled Till' We Could Pool No More

This week we decided to make it a pool week.  So we invited friends and family to join us each day and we headed over with our picnic lunch. 
Monday:  We swam with Nana
Tuesday:  We swam with Grandma and Grandpa (and the Davis Girls and Pauu Girls) Adam decided he was good to swim without his vest and in the afternoon , after naps, he decided he was good to ride his bike without training wheels!! It was a big day for our little guy!!
Wednesday:  was supposed to be a break from the pool due to Kevin's art class but we swam in the evening because we needed to use the bbq at the pool since ours is out of gas and my oven is broken, but that is a whole other story....
Thursday:  We swam with Cherry and her kiddos, Monica, Joaquin, and Kaizen (and baby on the way) and her cousin Francis!  The boys had a blast with there friends from Illinois!!
Friday:  We were sick :( we had to cancel our Friday pool play date with the Tanielus and stay home and recover

Here is a picture of Kevin's artwork from his art class that he took this summer through the homeschooling program in Orange County, CHEP. He loved it and he is an AMAZING ARTIST!! at least we think so around here!!

 Owen has been spending the pool days either sleeping or even going in for a few minutes.  Since we have been going in the morning he usually gets his morning nap in under the umbrella!

Adam off his training wheels and out of his swim vest he is getting to be such a big boy!!

 Did I mention no one else is hardly ever at our pool with us, anyway... here is the cute friends, when Cherry and I first met we had 3 between the two of us, now we are almost at 8,  funny how time changes things,

and Friday we rested from our labors, lol...ok so the kids were sick they all had fevers, except for Owen who is just a little stuffy...but we took the day to catch up on all the tv we had missed all week while we played outside.  It was a fun filled week and the boys had a blast, even on their sick day where we watched some great documentaries on Caves, Beasts, and Pirates...(I love netflix)

I particularly like the banana peel on the floor, I feel like this pic is one of those pictures that you are asked what is out of place, lol....we also shampooed the couch (thank you Grandpa) and the floor on Friday (after the banana peel).

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