Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summer So Far

Yay an everything post!! We have been having fun and filling our days this summer so far!! Thank goodness for all of the grandparents that are so much fun.  The boys are so excited anytime I mention we are doing anything with grandparents!!

First up is Isaac and his famous eating a doughnut picture from National Doughnut Day at Krispy Kreme doughnuts!!  We picked up Grandpa and headed over to get our free doughnuts and everyone got to pick their very favorite!!

Bryan WON an  iPad!  Yes they had a neighborhood raffle for everyone that turned in their ballot for the HOA candidates and Bryan totally pulled off a super win here!! Here is a picture of Adam showing Grandpa how to use it the first day we got it.  Adam is our Angry Birds pro and that is what he is showing Grandpa how to do in this picture.

We checked out a local park called Box Canyon Park it was had no shade...but it was new and clean and big!  Owen got to try out the swings for the first time and he giggled and laughed harder than he ever had before...I think he likes the swings!!

Grandpa came along to the park for support and to hang with the boys.  They climbed the big rock and thought they were pretty cool!!

Mima and Papa got a new slip and slide and we went over for the day and played and played until....

 we crashed on the chair and slept for an hour and half outside and then, he got up and played some more

This little guy got tired watching all of that playing

I printed my second blog book...yay

Owen took his first dip in the pool and liked it!

We had a bbq with Grandma and Grandpa at the pool, followed by a bonfire.

 Nana invited us to go swimming and playing at Lake Mission Viejo.  The boys had so much fun getting squirted by Nana!

 Playing in the sand and seeing all the ducks was way too much fun

This little guy ate and took a little nap under the umbrella

He also, like his momma, loves napping on our deck!!

I can't wait to see what else we can come up with to fill our days!!


Beth said...

Awww... I love chubby Owen. He is so, so cute! And Bryan WON an ipad??!!! AMAZING!

Arianne said...

Owen is sooo cute in the water! I tried putting Colin in the pool for his first time, and he had quite the opposite experience. He HATED it! Oh well.....