Friday, July 20, 2012

Fun in the Sun

This week we have tried to spend as much time in the sun as possible (yes, we wore sunscreen)

On Monday we had Kevin's friend Ryan over and swam the morning away and had a picnic lunch!

On Tuesday we went to Ikea and bought more supplies for our school room!! Soon I will do a reveal post and will show before and after pics but we are not quite there yet.

Wednesday Kevin had his art class and learned how to weave blankets and me and the remaining boys hung out with my parents and had hot chocolate and doughnuts at starbucks (we brought Kevin one too)

Thursday we were back at the pool again with another one of Kevin's friends Alexis.  I brought my camera but forgot to take pictures of course but again the boys all had a blast with a playmate and of course it is always awesome at the pool!!

Here are the boys at the pool with Ryan!!

Here is Isaac in the pool on Thursday, did I mention no one but us uses our pool!!

Friday we went with the Davis Family to Sunset Beach.  I have never been here before and we were all for the free parking!! It was a super fun beach.  The boys loved finding all of the shells and digging for treasure (shells,sticks, and other assorted items) 
Kevin did some boogy boarding and body surfing, the boys did lots of football throwing and having the waves bring the ball back to them. 
Bryan even got to do some surfing, yay!!

Bryan gave Debbie her first surf lesson (she is a natural)

our friend Brian looking super cool!

We put Isaac and Owen down for naps around 1 and they slept for about an hour and half.  Such good little sleepers we have.
 in the water from left to right:  Bryan, Debbie, Ashley, and Brian

Emily and a friend of Brian's from school.  Emily has been our little babysitter this summer...she is amazing and super sweet too!

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Beth said...

Wow your pool looks amazing!! So cool you get it all to yourselves. Bonus!