Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A day with our friends!!

we recently had an opportunity to go visit some of our oldest friends, They are not old we have just been friends a really long time :D It was so fun to catch up and find out what everyone has been up to and what upcoming plans were. The kids had a blast and so did all of us adults who always have more fun when the kiddos are having fun. The boys took a particular liking to Baylie who loved them playing monster with her. We ate a wonderful dinner. Claire made pumpkin butternut squash soup, Brooke made meatball subs, I was the slacker and brought brown rice with cranberries (from out of Brooke's fridge). We gathered at the McCoy home and got to enjoy their awesome back yard complete with grassy slopes perfect for rolling down and playing on all day long... There was lots of kids, food and fun, a perfect afternoon :D

even Isaac took a little roll down the hill, and survived :D

they didn't scare her one little bit!!!

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Hannah said...

Lane wants to know why we weren't invited. I miss you guys tons! Looks like you had a blast!