Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Adam turns 3

For Adam's birthday we had a bring your own bikes and scooters party. It was of course a super unordinarily hot day so we brought a lot of what was going to be outside inside but it worked out fine and Adam had a blast with his friends. At Adam's birthday we were blessed with some fun friends including Josie and Tallulah Heder, Jackson and Leanna Taneilu, Wyatt, Austin and visits from Family throughout the day...Uncle Josh and Aunt Sarah, Aunt Jessie and cousin Kyah, Uncle Geoffrey and Jessica, Uncle Christopher and Regina, Nana, Mima and Papa and Grandpa and Grandma (he is one loved little boy) We are so blessed to have so much family around. We had lots of fun and birthdays are such great excuses to get all the family together!!

the menu: Polish dogs (costco dogs, Adam's request) Kristen's special salad (frog eye salad), pasta salad, and a veggie tray!!!
Luckily the Taneilu's brought cupcakes because turns out we had a much larger family turn out than expected and ate almost all of them and the frog ones :D

Birthday Boy

Jessica and Isaac

bubble guns what a hit!!!

Kyah loved getting in the action!!

there will be more pictures coming as soon as I get pics from my sis!!


Grammy said...

Hi, great fun! and Great pictures! Love to you all. Aunt Grammy

Grammy said...

Happy Birthday to Adam and hope you had a great one, too Tawny! Love you all.

The Trotter Family said...

Happy b-day to you Adam. Looks like mom put on a great party for you!