Thursday, October 28, 2010

and so the search begins

We, me and the three little guys, are on a quest to find the nearest nicest park with sand to our home. It is quite a quest (we should make that the "the word on the street" quest, lol, if you get that joke you are in my boat) We have wood chips everywhere we go here in Anaheim so far and so Yesterday we tried out a park in Fullerton called Hillcrest Park. On the website it did not mention whether it had sand or not, while others tell you this one didn't so we thought we would try it out. It had wood chips but it was a fun little park with lots of fun character. First Kevin brought it to our attention as we were parking that this park was wooden WHOAH!!! and so it was. but I liked some of the activities it had and it had a nice parking lot and very few people there most of the time we were their by ourselves which can be good and bad. It had a nice covered picnic area like really covered and shaded on a huge grassy lawn something to look into for future park parties (except our park 100 yards from us will be done in 2 weeks and it has a nice picnic area too, eeeeekkkkkk girly squeal, I am just as excited as the boys for it to be done) So without any further ado I bring you ....
Hillcrest Park Pictures!!

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Stevens Family said...

How fun! My quest is a park with sand and swings. I love the pictures. Isaac makes me giggle with his juice.