Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Nine year Anniversary, the STORY!!

Our Anniversary this year was one of those days that just ran perfectly and by that I mean things fell into place like never before and made for a very fun, relaxing and practically perfect day.

6:30 A.M. B leaves on his motorcycle for Fullerton to catch the train to downtown to go to a bargaining meeting for the city (the plan was to go to the meeting which was from 8-1p.m. then come home early) ... He gets to the station and gets a call it has been cancelled so he calls into work and takes a vacation day and drives back home.

7:30 the boys are excited to have daddy home, me too...

10:00 I have a relief society meeting at my house so the boys and daddy go swimming and I have my meeting in a very quiet and peaceful environment

11:30 a.m. they come home from swimming, eat lunch, go to bed and they all 3 take a nap

12:45 p.m. B and I crash on the couch and we too sleep for 2 HOURS, yes you read that right and when we woke it was of our own cognition the kids weren't awake yet, I still can hardly believe it. the kids stagger out starting around 3

3:00 and we take them outside to play while we take turns getting ready for our big date

4:00 my parents get here to watch the boys and we pretty much head out, Woohoo, a super long date, longest one since Isaac was born...

4:30 SHOPPING!!!! We decided for our anniversary we were going to get new clothes were were both in desperate need of a wardrobe update and decided it was time, we got fun stuff I got the most awesome shoes ever...maybe I'll take a pic another day to show them off

8:00 Old Town Pasadena, oh how we miss you...for dinner at the Melting Pot yes there is one closer to us but we wanted the benefit of the shops at old Town.

10:30 leaving the Melting Pot it was so fun and so so yummy to boot we got home to find all was well at home and we had left for 8 hours that is an awesome anniversary date for a mom of 3 boys one of which is only 6 months old!!!

Way to go B and thank you so much for making it so much fun, Did I mention B planned the whole thing...He is such an awesome husband...I am so fortunate to have found the Best Man For Me in the Whole World!!


Beth said...

AWwww... You guys look so great. Happy anniversary. Those desserts look so amazing and I want to see all your fabulous purchases. I need to go shopping too!

Sarah said...

Happy anniversary, Tanya! Dan and I will also be celebrating our 9 years next week. Not sure what we're doing yet, but I think I've figured out something fun! I want to see pictures of your new shoes!

Brandon + Chelsea + Ella said...

Happy Anniversary! Looks like an awesome date!! Glad you had fun.

Stevens Family said...

You look so beautiful! I love your outfit - especially that necklace. Okay Bryan - you look alright too.
Happy anniversary you guys. Glad it was such an awesome day for you!

The Trotter Family said...

Happy anniversary to you guys! I can't believe in nine years how much has changed. Three boys later and you guys are busy!