Thursday, August 26, 2010

We have been busy!!

Here is the rundown!!

Isaac eats lots and lots just like his brothers before him!!

2 new teeth!!!

Isaac and I took a trip out to Tennessee, his first time on airplane and he was an angel baby all 4 flights!!

Isaac crawls!! well he crawls, crawls then lunges then repeats but he gets where he want to be!!

I took the boys to toy story 3. it was only ok which is so disappointing

but they had fun going to the movie theater

had my first relief society activity as 2nd Councilor and it was lots of fun

Ice cream Social with a back to school service project. We were able to put together 25 school kits to give to children that struggle financially during the back to school rush,
and eat some awesome ice cream Sundays!!!


The Trotter Family said...

Yum, you can invite me to your next ice cream social!

Brandon + Chelsea + Ella said...

I'm bummed I couldn't make it to the ice cream social! Brandon was at the dentist ALL night and Ella was super tired so I decided to stay home with her. It looks like it was fun! Glad Isaac was good on the plane, and his little teeth are so cute!