Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The fun stuff

Isaac tried out the swings for the first time yesterday and I'd say it was a hit, what do you think?

Today we did Knotts Berry Farm. Just me and the 3 boys. It was lots of fun and they were such good sports in that they couldn't ride everything because I couldn't go on any of the rides with them because Isaac couldn't go on anything except the carousel.

We kinda all look related don't we???

They chose to ride the Chickens!!!!!

Isaac got in on the action and got to ride the carousel with mommy!!

this is the Huff n Puff ride, it is real work and the boys did it twice at the end of our trip then they were really tired out :D Adam was a champ at this ride he can really make that thing go...

could they get any cuter?? I agree they can't :D

We wore em' out (me and knotts) look at those sweaty red faced boys (they are currently taking very good naps)


Stevens Family said...

Looks like fun! Did you get a new car? That doesn't look like the inside of your Durango.

Claire said...

I'd say he definitely loves the swings! so cute! You're very brave for taking all three boys so many places. What a great mom! :)