Wednesday, July 21, 2010

We didn't stop doing we just didn't have time to tell about it!!

so you may be wondering, What are the Low's doing??? Well here it is all in one giant picture post

We celebrated B's birthday with Ice cream cupcakes from cold stone, yum yum!! Kevin was shocked that the "paper" was chocolate and you could EAT it, wow!!

Grandma and Grandpa arrived July 14th from their journey across this great land. They will be here in Orange County for the next couple of years. We are so excited we can hardly contain it!!!!
Kevin and Grandpa have been doing this for years it is their "secret" sign for best buddies which is what they are :D

We have been living at the pool. It is awesome and we like to go as often as possible sometimes every day!!

Even Isaac is liking the idea!!

We went to Cousin Ashley's Engagement party and brought tiny guy with us, He was such a good baby!!
He played some pool....

and hung out with Daddy!!
We ventured to the beach. I took my first trip with all 3 boys to the beach by myself and had an awesome time!!

but I couldn't have done it without my wonder wheeler, I LOVE THIS THING!!! the best mother's day gift I have ever gotten!!!
He smiles with his eyes....

a group shot

sand angels, we don't have snow, silly
Plus it is a great opportunity for Adam to get as sandy as he possibly can, that is always the goal.

We ended our beach day at the park!!

Where we met up with Grandma and Grandpa to go home!!

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Sarah said...

WHAT?! You have grandparents that are going to be living near you for the next 3 years?! That's like winning the lottery! Lucky you guys! Are these Brian's parents? Why are they moving to OC for 3 years?

I think I'm going to be getting your wonder wheels thing. We have a Heder family reunion coming up and I'll be having all 3 kids by myself for part of it and it's near a lake. I think that thing would come in handy for me. Where did you get it from? I think you mentioned where it came from in a post a long time ago, but I can't remember.