Sunday, May 2, 2010

Weekend Fun For Everyone!!!

This was a very fun weekend for our family. Friday night was the Father Son Camp out for our new Stake here in Anaheim. The boys invited their good friends, the Cooke Boys, and met up with some new friends to pitch a tent and roast some dogs!! While they were away I was home with baby Isaac trying to figure out what to do with myself so I............................Painted my bathroom taking cues from my fabulous gal pal Brooke McCoy who recently did a similar task while most of her family was away. It turned out great and I am so glad it is finally done. No more big green splotch on my bathroom wall reminding me daily that I should paint that!!

I took pictures of flowers in our front area and printed them out and framed them and had B hang them, I can't wait to use my bath...hhmmmhmmm I need candles. I am thinking some like these or these for around the tub.
The boys came home from their camping trip and rested up for a couple of hours then the fun really kicked in. Our old friends, I say old because we have known each other nearly 10 years, came to visit us and have a dinner party!!! (and by party I mean partaaayyy!!!)
We had 9 children between our 3 families and reminisced about the days when we would all get together before we had ANY children, that seems like so long ago and yet not so long ago

Here they are isn't this just the sweetest picture. what a fun group of friends!!

after the sweet picture, chaos ensued and B caught it all and apparently didn't notice what he was catching , LOL ...Can you spot Baylie and baby Isaac!..... Yup she delivered him right to me, what a good mommy (she just barely turned 3)

We had such a fun time with our friends and hope we can get together again soon. I also found out that if you had a household of 13 people eating real food you could go through two costco pizzas, a giant salad, a pan of spaghetti, a giant sheet cake, 3 two liters of pop, and smoothies for all in one meal!! yeah we would have to make so much more money $$$$$$ good thing we don't plan on having 11 kids :)


Hannah said...

Your bathroom looks great! Wish we could have come to dinner too, we really miss all of you guys!

Crazy Lady said...

that was fun. and no injuries!

The Trotter Family said...

Nutty! That many kids in one house is just wild. It's fun for a little while though!