Saturday, May 8, 2010

Fun With Friends

This week we got to spend a couple days with some of our friends. Today we had are Anaheim buddies, Tyler and Mia over for the morning. It was super fun and included playing outside, playing inside, Mario Kart with B (after he got back from helping their parents move :( .... and making and decorating cupcakes because we were pretending we were Knights and super girl and it was all of our birthdays!! Cupcakes are a must for a birthday party...

The Fixins!

very precisely spreading her frosting, she took her time and did it right :D

Adam eating the candy and marshmallows off of his!!

Knotts Berry Farm
Then on Wednesday we got to go to Knotts Berry Farm with the Cooke Boys! Kien and Caleb. We rode the log ride, the kiddy roller coaster, 4 times, bounced in the giant bounce house, rode the airplanes and trucks, the carousel, and the bus and we even got candy necklaces

Adam on the carousel, he doesn't like to go up and down so he rides the stationary ones today the LION, roooaaarrrr!

Kevin and Kien rode the ostriches,(I wonder if I spelled that right) a funny choice, but I like it!!

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