Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What I've been doing in my spare time, LOL

I have been making Isaac's room look like someone lives there. He is now sleeping in his own bed in his own room and when we put him in there last week I felt so bad that it was bumperless and crib skirtless and pretty much a storage room but we remedied that and now it is just as cute as him, well maybe not as cute as him but pretty darn cute!!!

Quick update: Isaac can now grasp his hands together and raise them right to his mouth. so he chews on his fists all day long, even that is so cute!!


Hillary said...

Wow - it is pretty darn cute and I can't believe you were able to whip that up in all your spare time, LOL! It looks so professional.

Claire said...

Nice job on the room! I agree with Hillary, it looks great!

The Trotter Family said...

Wow, you have some great sewing skills. It makes me want to bust out a machine and brush up on mine. Great job!

Grammy said...

Great job, TAwny!
Glad you got it all fixed up. He is adorable, too. I just noticed what long fingers he has. Reckon he will be a pianist? Could be!
I'm glad you liked the quilt, and you are welcome! Love to all of you.
Aunt Grammy