Saturday, April 17, 2010

a ilttle of this and a little of that

This week has been pretty eventful for our little family. We have had lots of fun but are pretty worn out now that it is Saturday.

Here is a picture of Kevin and Isaac that I love, what cuties
Kevin started a preschool program here in Anaheim on Tuesday and Thursdays and is very excited about it. He loves being a big boy and going to "school"
here he is out front of his school

in his class

and with his school work

Isaac is getting more and more smiley and we love it!!

Friday I had my wisdom teeth removed and have been feeling a bit in pain and bit woozy from the pain meds but we were still able today to get to our pool. Which was heated and wonderful and have a little hot dog cookout brought poolside. (I tried to eat a hot dog but it was not a good situation, I know, I know soft foods only)
Daddy and Isaac poolside

Adam loves the stairs

Mommy got to sport her new suit

Kevin didn't ever want to leave

It was so much fun hanging with the family at our new pool. We were the only ones there for the most part so we had free run of the whole thing. The pool was so warm and the sun was shining!! Perfection!!


Brandon + Chelsea + Ella said...

That pool looks fabulous! And your suit is sooo cute! Hope you are feeling better, wisdom teeth are killer. No fun. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Allie said...

What a fun week you all have had! Kevin looks like such a big boy - where did our little guy go??
Beautiful pool!

Grammy said...

Hi, Great pics and wow! don't you look good in that bathing suit! Glad you are feeling better after the wisdom teeth are out. (wonder why they are called wisdom teeth?)
Love you all,
Aunt Grammy Ruby