Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine's Day Weekend!!

Yes, we totally went to the beach and got some serious sun on Valentine's Day (and the next day too) It was so fun and I was able to take my new camera and get lots of great shots

my most awesome Valentine's gift, my mommy cam. (We also got a Japanese couples massage which felt so wonderful after the bodily trauma I have been through this month)

Kevin and Adam are such fun brother's. They played and played together all afternoon at the beach it was so cute!!

and we stayed until the sun went down, then we did it all again the next day on Monday, and we found another beach with fire pits, so we will have to utilize that this summer. I will be there at least once a week maybe twice this summer, since last summer I only went once all summer it was the saddest thing that ever happened.


Stevens Family said...

How fun! We have a goal to go the the beach at least once a month, Xander hasn't even been to the beach yet. Maybe we can join you next time. I love your pictures!

The Trotter Family said...

The pic of them holding hands on the beach is a framer! Brotherly love is so cute!