Monday, February 22, 2010

babies, aunts and uncles, grandparents, and blessings

so this week Grandpa was here which was really fun because he hadn't been out in over 2 years so it was fun to show him our new place and such and life at our house. We had a super eventful week we went to the beach for a 3rd and 4th time with Grandpa while visiting Miss Sis and Uncle Josh. We had Isaac's baby blessing on Sunday, then in a blink of an eye the week was over and they my parents were taken to the airport this morning which has made us all a little sad. We so enjoyed having them (they should move out here, hint hint, mom)

Here is Adam carrying a big stick at Mission Beach in San Diego
Grandma and Isaac at Mission Bay Park!!

Sis and Grandpa (aka Dad) at Mission Beach after their super long walk :)

Group shot at Sarah and Josh's home

Josh showing his flying skills at Mission Beach
Rewind 3 days at this is a pic of the boys and Grandma at Corona Del Mar Beach just south of Newport Beach. I love how Adam is trying not to get wet, he doesn't like cold water so much
Baby Blessings
Sunday we did Isaac's baby blessing. afterwards we had lunch at our place for friends and family that came up and down and out to be there.
Who was there: Grandma and Grandpa, Nana, Christopher, the Bartys and the Petersons. We didn't take a ton of pics sadly but we got a few.

and the man of the hour, Isaac, wearing his little adorable outfit for his blessing. We are so excited to have this sweet spirit with us. It feels like he should have always been here and we are so blessed to have all of our boys that fill our home with sweet noises whether laughing, crying, screaming, banging, running, or just sweet I love yous, we love them all.
Grandma with her youngest grand baby
Grandpa getting lots of love from Kevin and Adam


Beth said...

Issac is definitely looking like a Low boy now. So sweet. Congrats on a wonderful blessing.

Grammy said...

Just looked at all the pics that I have missed, and also the narration. Really neat! I almost felt like I was there. Love to all of you. I know you are going to miss the folks, but we are glad to see them back. We have missed them, too. Love to all of you. Aunt Grammy