Thursday, February 25, 2010

Enjoying the new area!!

Bryan has been home this week and of course Kevin and Adam have found this to be very fun, because these days Dad is just more fun than Mom. But on Tuesday it was Nana that stole the most fun award. Kevin and Adam were picked up in the morning by their Nana and went to Pretend City in Irvine. The boys had a blast. They even got to see Uncle Geoffrey and Jessica. They were there for 3 hours and cried to stay longer. They got to dress up as pretty much any profession, play in dirt and water, drive cars, play in the sand go grocery shopping and put on a show and also be part of a parade of costumes. I can't wait to take them again when I am back to my old self again. It seems like it would be such a fun thing, and maybe I can even get some of their friends to come with us next time.

Thanks to Nana we have a couple of pics to share!!

Theeeennnn, in case that was not enough fun for the week the boys went to Knotts Berry Farm with some friends of ours and got their season passes. They had a blast even though it drizzled a little bit on them they still had tons of fun. I was able to stay home with Isaac and hang out with my good friend Kirsten and her baby boy while her hubby and daughter were out with my boys. It was fun fun to see a friend and I even got a very little bit of sewing done but hey something is better than nothing and I even made a little more progress on the quilts.


Hillary said...

What an awesome week! Pretend City looks awesome so if you want you can put us on your list of friends to call when you go again :)

The Trotter Family said...

We had fun playing with them at Pretend City! Looks like you are getting some good one on one baby bonding time!