Monday, November 9, 2009

Weekend update!!

So this weekend Kevin was part of his first Primary program it was so cute and he was so proud. On Saturday he had a final practice followed by a Pizza party, you know he loved that!!

(Kien, Kevin and Josie at their pizza party)

Then on Sunday we got all dressed up and went to church and got to enjoy all the little ones, (you know I teared up when Kevin spoke into the microphone on the pulpit about how his family remembers Jesus Christ, so sweet)

Finally we have been doing a little packing, amazing, I know it looks like a few boxes but really it has not made a dent in our house so hhmmm...
There are more boxes in that cabinet it is also filled to the top!!


Beth said...

I loved Kevin in the program. The Sunbeams are just adorable. :)

And I can't believe you are really moving. That photo made it hit home. Don't go. There will be such a hole when you are gone. We all need to hang out a lot before you leave.

Claire said...

The program was great and it was so cute to hear everyone sing and talk. I loved how the sunbeams did the handmotions for the songs. :)

Wow, this move came fast. Since when did time start moving so fast!?

Sarah & Drew said...

I'm so sad you are moving, I feel like we are just starting to get to know each other better, but I am SO excited for you at the same time! Let us know if and when you need help! And Kevin did a Fabulous job on Sunday!

Brent and Emily said...

Yay for Primary Programs and moving! I'm not sad about you moving, see, because I already did so I just get to be super excited and happy for you. :)

I may change my tune when we move back though...

Grammy said...

Hi, TAwny!
Sweet! As parents we are always so touched and proud of our children when they are in a program or do something special!
Your new home looks like it will be absolutely wonderful to live in. Congratulations!
Love to all of you.
Aunt Grammy