Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas 09'

Christmas Preparations!!!
for Christmas this year we got a Lionel Train set from Papa and Mima. We set it up when we set up the tree it has been a really big hit at our house :D
Making cookies is always fun!!!

Christmas Eve with the Cookes:

The last thing we did was go to feed the "reindeer" which were actually just deer but equally fun.

Mud is fun!!!!

Kevin loved the quad bike and was willing to ride with anyone that would take him this is Kevin and Mark

They got so muddy during the taking of this picture :D

Adam was not so into the quad bike but loved stomping in the mud and pushing his truck through it.

Kevin after the Picture of the quad bike going by, lol

Daddy and Kevin!!

We started the day at the snow in Forest Falls!!

Wow what a handsome guy!!

Kevin and Kien best buddies!!!

Adam so enjoyed eating the snow and he like sledding as well

Christmas Morning!!!

We got a Wii!!

Aunt Sarah!!

Uncle Josh!!

We had such a wonderful Christmas this year in our new home and with people we love to be around. We love Aunt Sarah and Uncle Josh coming up to hang with us for Christmas morning and although pictures apparently were not taken we went to Mima and Papa's house after Christmas morning and ended our day and Nana's house with Uncle Geoffrey and Uncle Christopher and Aunt Lindsey. We were able to make the rounds and see everyone it was really fun!!!


Grammy said...

Great posting! I love all the pictures, and of course have no one to share them with because Uncle Dub is not into much looking at blogs! Thanks so much for all the great pics and news from that front. We had a great time at your mom and dad's home on Christmas Eve and Day. Hope to see you all soon which I guess won't happen for awhile. Miss you all.
Love, Aunt Grammy

Claire said...

Your Christmas decorations are beautiful! Glad you are getting settled in at your new place. Email me your address when you have a chance- I have a baby gift to send you!

The Trotter Family said...

Wow, looks like you guys got down and dirty. You know how to make these boys happy. Dirt, snow, outdoors...they must sleep well at night!

English Garden said...

so much fun, but down to the nitty gritty, how does it finally feel to not be apt managing anymore?!!